You Will Not Believe How Truly Gaudy The “Schitt’s Creek” Mansion Is

Behold the gaudy splendor that once was the fictional home of the beloved Rose family!

Perhaps you remember this mega-mansion from the very first episode of Schitt’s Creek where the family were forced to pack up all of their belongings and flee their over-the-top abode? Or when they did that Christmas episode flashback and posed on the stairs for a family photo?

Though narratively set in LA, the crazy opulent home is actually in Toronto. And lucky for you all you die-hard fans, it’s now up for sale. Happen to have an extra $14.98 million?

Curious what the Chateau-style pad with 12 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms and about a thousand naked statues/murals looks like? Click through for a tour!

[Photos via Zillow]

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