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Yazan Abo Horira Confesses He Called New Girlfriend Brittany Banks’ Name: OH NO!

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On 90 Day: Bares All, Shaun Robinson is quizzing her guests as they play Bingo.

She’s asking them different questions on the Discovery Plus spinoff about their experiences.

This is what prompts Yazan to make a stunning confession.

He called his new girlfriend “Brittany.” And she was furious.

Like we said, this began with a game of Bingo that various stars were playing.

Some couples were there in person.

Others were dialing in from home, for space reasons, convenience reasons, and most of all for pandemic safety.

Early on, before this clip, Shaun asked if anyone had been accused of cheating.

She didn’t even wait for a reply from Yazan Abo Horira, telling him to go ahead and mark that square.

To prevent anything from being lost in translation, Adam — a fan-favorite translator — was present on Yazan’s end.

This is when Jess Caroline, one of Colt Johnson’s many exes, spoke up.

She revealed that Colt had accused her of cheating, but had of course done so in error.

In reality, Colt cheated on her, not only sending his dick pic to a multitude of women, but physically cheating with Vanessa.

Shaun selected the next question at random and placed it where the camera could zoom in.

“Have you ever called a partner the wrong name?” Shaun asked.

In the clip, Yazan admitted that yes, he had.

“Yeah, I called Leena ‘Brittany,’ and she humiliated me,” Yazan replied.

With a little help from Adam, Yazan’s reply continued.

“I spent two days consoling her,” he detailed.

“I wanna said ‘baby,’ but I said ‘Brittany,'” Yazan shared.

“And she said me, ‘F–k you! Why you tell me Brittany?!'”

Everyone had quite a laugh about that.

Shaun told Yazan that Brittany would be entertained when she heard that.

Essentially, because she was living rent-free in her ex-fiance’s head.

“No! I’m not thinking about her!” Yazan fired back.

Fernanda admitted that she, too, had called someone by the wrong name.

Apparently, she called someone “Jonathan” after their breakup and bitter divorce.

It sounds like it may have been during intimacy, though Fernanda did not get specific.

Shaun had to poke the hornet’s nest, asking Kalani Faagata if her husband, Asuelu Pulaa, had ever called her the wrong name.

Kalani’s response was absolutely perfect.

“He’s still living, right, Shaun?” she quipped. Shaun cracked up at that.

Calling someone by the wrong name is common, and it’s not always an ex’s name (or a side piece’s name, either).

In some families, a brother, a son, an uncle, a husband’s name might be used interchangeably.

And siblings are often called by each other’s names.

There is a lot of speculation into the psychology behind this phenomena.

As much as Freudian psychoanalysts might enjoy making these slip-ups into dissertations on the subconscious, the reality is that it’s just a mix-up.

If you flick the wrong light switch and turn on the bathroom fan instead of the light, it’s not because you’re secretly craving the fan. It’s just an accident.

Yazan abo horira confesses he called new girlfriend brittany ban

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