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Usher’s Been Accused Of Giving Strippers Fake Bills With His Face On Them

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Everything I know about strippers I learned from The Sopranos, Hustlers, and the seminal Lindsay Lohan classic, I Know Who Killed Me. My knowledge is this: stripping is hard work, men are disgusting, and it’s all about the tips. So this past weekend, when Usher showered dancers with fake bills with his face on them. It was not a move that was well-received.

One dancer posted a picture of the fake bills to her Instagram story. She wrote:

My GF posted this!!! I’ve never seen this level of fuckery!!!! Exactly why we stay away from the celebs most of the time they suck!!!!!!!! Cheap ASF. So disrespectful, this is foul. Working so hard to get nothing in return. This is a joke! Their job is to entertain, take your cheap ass back home!!!!!!

Here’s her post, reposted by the account Glock Topickz. They’ve ingeniously coined Usher’s fake cash as “Ush-Bucks.” I can’t top that…

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I enjoy how Usher’s face isn’t just on a $20 like Andrew Jackson or a $100 like Benjamin Franklin. Nope, his face is on every single bill of every single value. The question is… why? Is he starting his own small country? Usher hasn’t responded to the strippers’ accusations, but last week he posted pics of him posing with a suitcase of money with his face on it:

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Twitterers are reacting to the situation with a combination of rage and jokes (that tracks with Twitter):

And here I was thinking Usher was supposed to be the king of strip club etiquette. At least that’s what the movie Hustlers suggested:


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