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Twitter Is In A Debate Over Whether Outkast Is Better Than The Beatles

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It’s a good thing all the Boomer dads are over on Facebook, because there’s a war raging right now on Twitter, over whose discography reigns supreme. In one corner, we’ve got comedian Ron Funches, who started this feud by stating in no uncertain terms that Georgia’s finest, OutKast, is better than The Beatles. And in the other corner we’ve got…well, there’s a couple of Beatles fans who have piped up. But my choice of the word “debate” above might have been a poor choice because the general consensus is that OutKast rules.

Earlier this week, Ron established himself as a permanent resident of Stankonia when he tweeted this:

Many agreed, and also, a couple people pointed out that The Beatles’ success might have something to do with some questionable source referencing:

I know Ron’s goal was the hope that society can begin its healing journey, but of course some people weren’t on board. Some responses range from mild to definitely not feeling it:

I don’t know what Ron’s DMs looked like after he tweeted that challenge to Beatles fan. My guess is there were at least a dozen people trying to argue that Rubber Soul is superior to Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (it’s not). So maybe that might explain why he chose to change the subject, by throwing out a little promo for his new show on Discovery Plus:

The Root did the hard work (for example: The Beatles and OutKast are tied in Grammy wins). And they were able to prove that, scientifically, that OutKast is the “better” group.

I do think this argument is happening at the right time. Because if you had asked me this question back when I worked at a denim store in 2003 at the height of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below’s popularity, after I’d heard “Hey Ya!” for the 16,938th time over some crappy $40 speakers, I might say, “I’m afraid I will have to decline to comment on this.

Pics: Parlophone, LaFace/Arista

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