This Genius Facial Sanitizer Is The Ultimate Pandemic Beauty Product

For most New Yorkers (or, at least, those of us who touched subway poles on the daily), hand sanitizer has always been an important weapon of our in-purse arsenal against the germy onslaught of everyday life. Since the pandemic, of course, it’s become more essential than ever. But while sanitizer is necessary to have – quite literally – on hand these days, it’s no secret that the alcohol-based liquid gold leaves skin dry and dehydrated. In moments of desperation involving a maskless rando talking too close for comfort, I’ll admit I’ve resorted to rubbing a squirtful across my visage – needless to say, the aftermath of the alcohol facial was certainly not ideal.

So really, when in the midst of a pandemic that mostly spreads through airborne droplets, why hasn’t someone invented a hand sanitizer… for your face? Thanks to a happy accident, it turns out Avenova already has.

Originally formulated as a prescription dry-eye treatment, Avenova‘s now over-the-counter lash and eyelid spray has recently added COVID-killer to its long list of abilities. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties and use of 0.01% Hypochlorous Acid (dubbed “nature’s oldest disinfectant”) which is naturally produced in the human body, Avenova has been proven to completely inactivate SARS-CoV-2 in 60 seconds.

The best part? The FDA-cleared product is hypoallergenic, completely free of harmful impurities such as bleach, detergents or other surfactants, and is safe to use on your face, including delicate areas around your eyes and mouth, any number of times throughout the day. No harsh drying effects to exacerbate your maskne, either.

The average person touches their face at least 23 times per hour. Face mists may have repeatedly saved your skin after particularly sweaty workouts, but in the time of COVID, this one might actually save your life.

Snag a bottle (or five) on Amazon for just $30!

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