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There Are Allegations Of Emotional Abuse Against The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Guy

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Earlier this week, the internet was gripped by Cinnamon Toast Shrimp Fever, after comedian, podcaster, and art gallery owner Jensen Karp tweeted about finding what appeared to be shrimp tails in his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It became an enthralling tale of cereal, trash, social media, possible rat turds, customer service, and so many jokes about seafood. Because Jensen is married to Danielle Fishel (who as MANY on Twitter have already pointed out, once went to prom with Lance Bass, and is now married to a man named Karp, who went vial for finding shrimp in his cereal).

It was a moment that was all at once funny, punny, and deeply disgusting. And then, as many sudden viral internet sensations do, a few people from Cinnamon Toast Crunch Guy’s past started talking about their experience with him, and it turned into a Milkshake Duck situation. Although to be fair, Milkshake Duck was only accused of racism. Jensen has found himself being accused of many allegations, like abuse, lying, manipulation and gaslighting, joke theft, and oh yeah, a little bit of racism. All those accusations also got some people talking about Danielle, and that’s when a story about on-set racism previously told by her former Boy Meets World co-star Trina McGee started making the rounds.

As Mieka so helpfully pointed out in the original post about this, Jensen gained fame as a 12-year-old rapper and may have put his mother in blackface as Nelly to perform with him when he opened for Snoop Dogg. And now a writer named Brittani Nichols, who was the only Black person on the writing staff of his show, Drop The Mic (a show about rap, by the way), says that she was met with resistance when she complained of a line or joke being problematic. However, Brittani says that a few years later, he emailed her to apologize.

Brittani implied that Jensen might have a history with stealing. She’s not the only one who made that claim in the wake of his viral fame. A comedian and podcaster named John Cullen had a similar allegation (as did several others, mostly who came through with allegations that he might be prone to lying):

Moving on to the abuse allegations, several women spoke up on Twitter about their alleged experience with Cinnamon Toast Crunch Guy:

Anyone thinking, “Ooooh, he’s going to have quite the conversation with his wife Topanga over this” might not be as correct as they’d like to think. Because according to the internet, Jensen isn’t the only one with a fishy history with women. Last year, Trina McGee, who played Topanga’s best friend Angela on Boy Meets World for three seasons, spoke out about the racism and microaggressions she experienced on set as the only Black main character.

Trina claimed that someone on set called her “Aunt Jemima” while she was in hair and makeup. She added that the “tension and disrespect” she experienced from three of her colleagues caused an undue amount of stress on her. Trina added that when she appeared for a guest spot on the reboot, Girl Meets World, she was met with former co-stars who were cold and distant. She didn’t name names on Twitter, but this Tweet kind of gives up a clue:

Trina did clarify that one of the three on-set assholes was not Rider Strong, who played her boyfriend Shawn Hunter. Trina has since noted that she eventually received phone call apologies from Will Friedle (who Trina outed as the Aunt Jemima jerk) and Danielle Fishel. In June of last year, Danielle admitted that she had owed Trina a very big apology:

When this Cinnamon Toast Crunch saga first hit the internet, I was sure it was going to end with Jensen and Danielle getting offered some kind of sitcom deal. Now it looks like any calls they might have received from TV development types will soon be followed up with a voicemail message that says: “Errr…you know what, on second though, I think we’re gonna offer this deal to the shrimp instead.

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