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The Royal Family Will Not Wear Military Uniforms To Prince Philip’s Funeral

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Yesterday we learned that Prince Andrew wanted to bid adieu to his dearly departed daddy Prince Philip in an Admiral’s uniform, which was a weird thing to want to do, considering Prince Andrew never held the naval rank of Admiral. He was supposed to one day, but it didn’t happen, due to Andrew getting caught up in a sex trafficking situation and being forced to retreat from public life. There were rumors that Queen Elizabeth had to approve Andrew’s request, and the bad news for Andrew is that she didn’t do it. It would be very fun to laugh at Andrew slinking into church with a pissed-off pouty scowl on his face because Mummy made him wear some off-the-rack suit and not the fancy little military costume he wanted, but that’s not really the case here. According to sources, no one will be in military uniform at Prince Philip’s funeral this Saturday.

People magazine points out that if a member of the Royal Family holds a current military rank, they’re allowed to wear their uniform whenever they wish. Like in the picture above at a past Remembrance Day ceremony, you can see Prince Andrew, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Princess Anne all wearing uniforms that match their title. They can wear their medals and fancy little hats to funerals, weddings, state events – essentially, pull it out of the closet if you’ve got it, and so long as you are still the rank you were given. Andrew was forced to step down as a senior royal because of his connection to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. When he stepped down, the highest rank he held was Vice-Admiral. So he could technically still dress up as a Vice Admiral. But it looks like everyone has agreed that there will be no military dress at Philip’s small funeral. via People:

None of the senior members of the royal family will wear traditional military uniforms at Prince Philip’s funeral at Windsor Castle this weekend. While it is custom for those who hold military rank to wear their uniforms at state occasions, they will now attend the funeral in mourning dress instead.

Mourning dress is pretty much exactly what you think it would be: something black and subdued, although the internet says that the Royal Family has also been known to wear off-white as well, depending on the season. As for the reason they all settled on mourning dress, some sources say the choice to scrap the semi-traditional military dress might have been made so that Prince Harry didn’t feel bad about being left out. After Harry announced he was stepping down as a senior royal and moving to California, he lost his honorary military titles of Captain General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington and Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command. That means Harry would be in dressy casual while everyone else is strutting around like Military Barbie, and they thought that might be a bit tacky. via The Guardian:

Senior members of the royal family will not wear military uniform at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, in a break with tradition designed to avoid embarrassing Prince Harry, according to reports.

The Duke of Sussex, who lost his military titles after stepping down as a senior working royal, faced being the only senior male royal not in uniform, despite having served two tours in Afghanistan.

Protocol dictates that he should wear civilian dress, although he would be allowed to wear his medals.

According to The Sun, The Queen was the one who made the decision for everyone to wear mourning dress instead of military dress. The Guardian says that Buckingham Palace is likely to release more details about Prince Philip’s funeral soon. So who knows? Maybe The Queen will change her mind and decide the dress code is gold and silver eleganza. Not likely! But everyone is probably happy that The Queen said no formal military uniforms. The weather is getting warmer, and those heavy wool coats look so hot and stuffy. Imagine how much you’d be sweating under there. Well, not Prince Andrew of course.


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