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The Queen Made Her First Public Appearance In Nearly Five Months

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It has been a wild few months for the Royals. There was the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Megan Markle, 99-year-old Prince Philip’s hospitalization, and the pervy Prince Andrew perv scandal hasn’t exactly gone away. And we haven’t seen The Queen out and about since last year. But today she dressed up in Easter green, applied her stiff upper lip, and made her first public appearance of 2021. She visited the CQGC Airforce Memorial in Surrey to mark the Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force. And, no, this vaccinated 94-year-old didn’t wear a matching green mask, but apparently, it was a socially distanced outdoor event.

The event was just a short drive from Windsor Castle, where she’s staying with Prince Philip. She wore the Australian wattle brooch, which represents the country’s national flower. People says she did Royal things like:

After a wreath was laid on Queen Elizabeth’s behalf, she viewed panels bearing the names of Australian war dead and a display of fallen airmen and women in the memorial cloister. She also met with Royal Australian Air Force personnel and signed a commemorative document.

Here’s the Queen doing her thing:

Word is Lizzie also joked around with one of the Australian officers, asking if the jets he worked with were “being sent off to chase the Russians.” He replied, “That’s correct, ma’am. It’s a lot of fun for us.” I do not understand that joke, so I can’t say if it’s actually funny. But I’m gonna take a risk and put ten quid on “Nope!”

Pic: YouTube

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