The Hamptons “Influencer” Faking A Fabulous Life By Squatting In Her Luxury Rental

To paraphrase that popular tweetEach day on the internet there is one main character, the goal is to never be it. Unfortunately for Marisa Hochberg, a familiar face in Montauk with executive titles at both The Surf Lodge and The Purist (that’s Cristina Cuomo’s publication, FYI), the New York Times caught wind of her shady shenanigans and basically went “Tag, you’re it!” on Friday, when they revealed that the wellness professional had spent the summer posting #sponcon and aspirational lockdown lifestyle tips from a rented Hamptons home she refused to leave – or pay for. Taking advantage of tenant protection laws meant for people facing homelessness in the wake of COVID in order to lap it up in luxury while skipping out on the $31,750 price tag? Pretty wild, but hardly the craziest part of this bizarre squatting saga. 

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