The Funniest Memes About Last Night’s Debate So You Can Laugh Through Your Tears

So does everyone else have a hangover from the copious amounts of wine we needed to get through that shitshow? The first presidential debate (if you could even call it that because let’s be real, nothing that went down was “presidential” in the least) saw, per usual, Donald Trump acting like an angry toddler, Joe Biden going on the defensive, moderator Chris Wallace forced to act like a kindergarten teacher, and absolutely zero discussion of any real policy. Seriously, it felt more like a Real Housewives reunion than a debate between two potential leaders of the free world. But, as is true for most of 2020, the only thing getting us through the dumpster fire is, of course, the memes. If you’re in desperate need of a laugh, click through for the internet’s funniest takes. Oh, and please vote. 

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