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The Class Action Fyre Festival Lawsuit Has Settled For $2 Million

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Back in 2017, the now-infamous Fyre Festival went off with the wettest of explosions. Like if a shart was a social event, every single thing that could have possibly gone wrong with the music festival imploded around organizers while head honcho of the clusterfuck, Billy McFarland, scrambled. The result was Billy going to prison and attendees filing a class action lawsuit for $100 million against the organizers. The lawsuit has finally been settled, but the attendees aren’t getting anywhere near $100 million. The lawsuit was settled for $2 million.

After Billy was charged for his Fyre Festival scheme as well as another ticket scam he pulled, he pled guilty to wire fraud and defrauding a ticket vendor and was sentenced to six years in prison and ordered to forfeit $26 million (although, it’s unclear how much of that money, if any, he still had). He’s still in prison now, although like every other famous-ish inmate, he tried to get out due to coronavirus. And now Billy may have to pay up. Deadline says that the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York approved a $2 million settlement for 277 Fyre Festival ticket holders.

The class-action settlement was reached between the festival’s organizers and 277 ticket holders. Each ticket holder will receive roughly $7,200, according to reports, but it is unclear who is paying the settlements. The final total has yet to be approved by the court.

Tickets ranged from $500 to $12,000. So some people are coming out ahead (think of all the dry-ass cheese sandwiches they can buy!), while those who spent $12,000 are taking a hit.

It’s a bad sign that they’re not sure who is going to pay the settlement. But Billy really got left holding the bag after Ja Rule made sure to legally distance himself from any responsibility for this, so I assume he’ll be on the hook for at least some of this settlement money. Maybe Billy can get a job with his new friend The Situation on Jersey Shore to help pay it back. I’m sure the Fyre Festival fraudster would Gym, Tan, Laundry with the best of them! Sounds similar to a jail schedule–workout in the courtyard and catch a tan, get assigned to laundry duty–so he’ll have had six years of practice!

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