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Sister Wives at War: Everyone Hates This (Plural) Marriage!!

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They may all star on a TLC reality show titled Sister Wives, but let’s be frank, shall we?

Christine, Meri, Robyn and Janelle Brown have been acting more like Enemy Wives.

Throughout this latest season, the four spouses – all of whom have chosen Kody Brown to be their husband for some reason – have all expressed feelings of insecurity and jealousy.

None has come across as happy, that much is for sure.

On an explosive recent episode, Christine delved deeply into her background, specifically as it relates to Robyn and how insignificant she has felt at times by comparison to Kody’s allegedly favorite wife.

What did Robyn say in response?

Where do these women stand with each other at the moment?

Scroll down for a closer look…

1. Everyone is Unhappy

4 sister wives
It’s hard not to arrive at this conclusion after watching a single Sister Wives episode. Kody always seems stressed out by his marital obligations, while all four spouses never feel as if their needs are being met.

2. Take Christine, For Example

Sister wives poster
On the Season 15 premiere, Christine talked at length about feeling “isolated” amid the Covid pandemic. She said she was “lonely,” lamenting how Kody mostly quarantined during the outbreak with his fourth and youngest wife, Robyn.

3. Preach, Sister (Wife!)

Christine brown is happy
“I’m really sorry — I still get jealous,” Christine said to the other spouses, adding that she feels like she’s “”on the outside looking in all the time” and saying: “I still get super, super, super jealous and I’m really, really, really sorry.”

4. A Very Candid Christine

Christine brown complains
Speaking with Robyn on the March 7 episode, Christine came very clean: “I’m sure everybody hates me all the time. “And then when we get together for family gatherings, I’m like, ‘Why would I want to go? Because it’s just going to be a hostile environment and no one there even likes me.”

5. A Family Feud?

Robyn brown and christine brown
“Christine and I have had ups and downs with each other,” Robyn admitted to the cameras on Sunday’s installment. There’s times when we have gotten along really well, and there’s times that plural marriage has reared its ugly head and jealousy kind of reigns. And so, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so great, and we just kind of go with the flow with that.”

6. NOT the Queen C.

Christine brown on a couch
In a confessional, Christine detailed that within “the plural community, there is certainly a ‘basement wife’ mentality. If you have a situation where there’s a wife that’s a queen bee, well, the other wife goes in the basement and she doesn’t matter as much. And I’ve seen it enough. I’ve seen it a lot.”

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