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Sharon Osbourne Reportedly Got Up To $10 Million For Her Exit From “The Talk”

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It was announced last week that Sharon Osbourne, the last OG cast member of The Talk, was pretty much fired from the show for losing it on her co-host Sheryl Underwood while defending Piers Morgan. This led to an investigation that put the show on hiatus. And that investigation led to CBS giving Sharon the boot. Obviously, they handed her some cash to walk out the door. And now the rumor is that she was paid up to $10 million.

On top of Sharon’s on-air blow-up, there were accusations that she called former co-hosts Holly Robinson Peete and Julie Chen some racist shit. Also, current The Talk co-host Elaine Welteroth and her hairstylist complained about an allegedly “racially insensitive and hostile environment.” Sharon denied saying anything racist about Holly and Julie, and I’m guessing she’ll deny it again during an EXCLUSIVE interview with whoever will put a mic in front of her mouth. Because Page Six’s sources claim that not only did CBS buy Sharon out of her contract, but she’s also free to run her mouth about this, and you know she will until the end of time!

“Sharon is walking away with a $5 to $10 million minimum payout and was able to spin that it was her decision [to leave the show],” the source said.

A different source said that, under her departure agreement, Osbourne is not only getting big bucks, but she is free to speak out.

“Sharon will talk when she is ready,” the source said. “She still wants to give her side of the story. She has been on that show for 11 years and knows all the secrets.”

A source previously told Page Six that Sharon hired a lawyer and “wasn’t going down without a fight… She knows where all the bodies are buried.” Who’s getting killed out back at The Talk? I thought they only performed human sacrifices on The View.

Well, guys this just goes to show you the dangers of cancel culture. You too could be called out for some foolishness and then have to suffer the horrible consequences in the form of getting paid millions to not work anymore and go away. Something to think about.


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