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Shaq Paid Off A Random Guy’s Engagement Ring At Zales

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TMZ says that one lucky man at a Zales counter in Georgia got the surprise of his life when Shaquille O’Neil presented him with an engagement ring. No, the man didn’t end up living my gay fantasy of a rich athlete proposing marriage with an affordable diamond (I always lose jewelry), but this man did get the amazing gift of Shaq paying off the engagement ring he had on layaway for his fiancée.

Shaq explained what happened on NBA on TNT and his co-hosts first roasted him for going into a Zales. To which Shaq said, “First of all, I have a jewelry line at Zales.” He then explained what went down:

“I seen the guy come in–he was just so shy. He was saying, “Hey, how much do I owe to pay off my ring.” And I was like, “My man, how much is the ring?” I’m not going to say the amount, but it’s not a lot for me… I was like, “You know what? Tell your girlfriend I got her. I’ll take care of it.”

“At first, he didn’t want to take it. He was like, “Man, I can’t do that.” I said, “Don’t worry about it. I do it all the time.” I’m just trying to make people smile, that’s all.””

And this act of kindness was not a one-time thing. Shaq also once “took care” of a woman and her autistic daughter and so I assume he means he probably bought her a lot of stuff and not murdered her. Sometimes Shaq’s way of speaking is funny–he’s a funny guy. And very generous:

“This lady, she had an autistic daughter. And she was also looking to pay for some furniture and I just took care of her. So, I’m into making people happy… Whenever I leave the house, I just try to do a good deed.”

Here’s Shaq talking about it on NBA on TNT:

And here’s a clip of the moment when Shaq transformed Zales’ slogan from “The Diamond Store” to “The Shaq Store.” Your move, Jared!

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Well guys, if you’ll excuse me, I need to book a flight to Georgia and follow Shaq around while loudly crying and complaining about my debt, hoping that he’ll pay off my student loans. New career just dropped! Following celebrities in hopes for scraps. Don’t waste your time with people like Kylie Jenner, though–we know she doesn’t give a fuck.


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