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Sezer Hairstyle – Turkish stylist in Albania?

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Sezayir Arslan, also known as njohur si Sezer Hairstyle, is the current top sensation for his remarkable hair styles in Tirana. Sezer is one of the best hair stylist in Albania and looks like the preferred go to destination by all women celebrities.

Sezer is originally from Turkey, but lives and works in Albania for quite some time now. We don’t know, did the job got Sezer to Albania, or something else?

Sezer Hairstyle Instagram Profile

Anyway, looks like all local celebrities are happy that Sezer is in Tirana. We can mention some famous names like Ciljeta, Bora Zemani, Anxhela Peristeri, Ronela Hajati, etc.

Lately, not only artists, but also known public figures from the show “Perputhen” have been going to Sezer. Some of them are Tea Trifoni, Jasmina, Sindi, Melisa Lleshi etc.

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