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Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s Dogwalker, Was Finally Released From The Hospital

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If you’ve ever struggled to pack yourself into a pair of skinny jeans, try doing it with part of your lung removed after spending a month in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest, because that’s how real heroes do it. According to TMZ, Ryan Fischer, the guardian angel to Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs, has just been released from the hospital where he’s been slowly and painfully recovering from being shot by a couple pieces of shit who are, as of yet, still running free.

In an Instagram post, Ryan showed indomitable spirit as he dressed himself to leave the hospital after a number of setbacks that kept him there longer than anticipated. TMZ reports:

Lady Gaga’s dog walker has finally been released from the hospital … a little more than 1 month after he was shot in a terrifying dognapping incident.

Ryan Fischer was just discharged after a much longer stay than he anticipated … due to complications with his lungs. Ryan says he was actually feeling pretty great just days after being shot and moving out of the ICU, and thought his recovery would be a simple process.

Unfortunately, Ryan says one of his lungs didn’t cooperate and kept collapsing and it reached a point where he was readmitted for surgery to remove portions of it, and as he puts it … “my recovery had become anything but a straight line.”

Here’s the video Ryan posted alongside an update in which he details the emotional and physical challenges that lay ahead, but not without some levity. Ryan says “The journey is hard, it’s assuredly painful, and questionable choices that no longer serve me like wearing skinny jeans are made. But I try.

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When Lady Gaga gets back from Italy, she better be bringing Ryan back the biggest, most colorful box of Chromatica cannoli the world has ever seen!

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