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Prince Andrew, Who Is Not An Admiral, Wants To Wear An Admiral’s Uniform To Prince Philip’s Funeral

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Prince Philip’s funeral is scheduled to happen this Saturday, which means if you’re one of the 30 people with an invite, you’ve got exactly three days to decide on what you’re going to wear. Black is traditional, although I’m sure Queen Elizabeth would find it acceptable if you showed up in emerald green, in honor of the logo on Philip’s favorite motorcoach. But according to sources, Prince Andrew is demanding he shows up at his dad’s funeral with an outfit from the house of Gilbert and Sullivan. Andy doesn’t currently hold the highest naval rank of Admiral, he never did hold that rank. And yet, Prince Andrew allegedly really, really wants an H.M.S. Pinafore moment on Saturday. As if that wasn’t laughable enough, sources are also saying that Andrew believes this could be the start of his big comeback into public life.

The Daily Mail claims that Andrew dragged his mummy into his over-the-top outfit selection, due to the fact that she’s the one who can approve such a thing. Because you could dress up as an Admiral if you were an Admiral, but he’s not, and that’s because his connection to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell forced him to step down from royal duties before he got to become an Admiral. So The Queen has a real Lizzie’s Choice on her hands here.

The Queen is being forced to decide which rank of military uniform the Duke of York can wear to his father’s funeral after he demanded to go as an Admiral.

Prince Andrew – who stepped back from public duties over his friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein 18 months ago – was made an honorary Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy on his 55th birthday in 2015. He was due to be promoted to Admiral on his 60th birthday last year, but offered to defer it until he cleared his name and returned to public duties.

Andrew might be freaking out about what to wear, but not the rest of The Queen’s kids. Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward all hold current military titles, which means they can dress up if they want to. And on top of the clothing, he’s also worried about making a good impression with the public on Saturday. But really, what does it matter? Prince Harry is home for the weekend. You can’t pay attention to Andrew if you’re too focused Prince William, waiting to see if throws Harry a sneaky stink-eye during the eulogy.

The Queen has about 24 hours to make a decision on the matter. But that’s not his only desire. Andrew also wants a return to public life! Sure, the FBI hasn’t cleared him regarding his alleged involvement in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. I’m not even sure the FBI has spoken to him yet. But that’s irrelevant. Andrew thinks people are just begging for his return. via Express:

Sources claim Andrew believes he can make a comeback. A source said: “He still harbours thoughts that he can make a comeback. He genuinely thinks that’s possible. It’s promising that Ghislaine (Maxwell) doesn’t appear to plan to call him as a witness. He still does believe in his heart of hearts that he can return and that time will be a healer.”

“He thinks he will be able to resume royal duties at some point and save his reputation. He hopes the public, if he’s supporting his mother in this difficult time, might give him the benefit of the doubt. He hopes there is a way back.”

He can hope for a way back, but it sounds like as long as Prince Charles is around, Andrew’s only hope is a Back to the Future situation, where he goes back in time and figures out how to not be friends with a convicted pedo. A source says that Charles is “adamant” that Andrew stays in his little time-out while there are still allegations around him. Another source says it’s believed Andrew has already asked The Queen if he can return to his previous position. I know everyone jokes about Prince Andrew being a mama’s boy, but he’s making it way too easy. I mean, he’s literally asking her to pick out his clothes and speak to whatever manager needs to get spoken to so he can get his job back.


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