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Open Post: Hosted By Tori Spelling Declaring That She Wishes She Banged Ryan Seacrest Back In The Day

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Tori Spelling was on Lisa Vanderpump’s show Overserved, which is an E! series that sees Lisa getting lit with her celeb friends and acquaintances at expensive dinners where she asks them personal questions. Move over, Oprah! Tori and her husband Dean McDermott love to overshare, and this time, Tori’s oversharing how she wishes she would’ve been one of Ryan Seacrest’s girls and gotten a piece of that. Cut to a bewildered Britney Spears whispering to herself, “Girls?????

In a version of “Never Have I Ever,” Lisa asked Tori which celebrity she would have slept with if she were to go back in time. Tori went with Ryan Seacrest and thinks she had a chance when he guest-starred on an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 during its final season in 2000. Tori thinks that if she humped on Seacrest, she would’ve been the fame whore mogul of a “billion-dollar empire” and Kim Kardashian would still be organizing Paris Hilton’s closet. via Page Six:

“Ryan Seacrest. It was when he first started,” Spelling responded. “I didn’t know, I was on 90210 and I was like, “Oh, whatever.” I would’ve been dating up!”

“I could be a Kardashian right now,” she quipped, referencing Seacrest’s role in producing Keeping Up With the Kardashians and its assorted spinoffs.

Here’s Ryan’s appearance on 90210:

Lisa also talked to Tori about her inheritance. When Tori’s TV mogul father, Aaron Spelling, died, he left behind a $500 million estate. Tori’s mother Candy Spelling, with who she has a messy relationship, was named the estate’s executor and Tori got $800,000. You can curse Candy for the current state of the world because Tori thinks she could’ve really done something if she inherited millions. via Us Weekly:

“I think I always would have had that drive. I’m built like my dad. But what if he gave me that $50 million and what if with that $50 million, I had changed the world? What if I am the fierce, hustler, businesswoman I am today but with that? …I guess we’ll never know.”

“Changed the world” is a funny way of saying “Blow through those millions in two months and have to resort to hawking anything and everything on Instagram to try to pay for the lifestyle I can’t afford.


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