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Open Post: Hosted By This Dog’s Reaction To Darth Vader

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A TikTok user just so happened to be recording his pooch as they watched Star Wars together, and when Darth Vader made his grand entrance, the dog growled out a “fuck this,” jumped off the sofa, and then peered from behind it. This is example #649,983,985 of how dogs are different from cats. Because a cat would’ve used their paws to slow clap for the entrance of a fellow chaos-creating diabolical baddie.

Here’s the video that proves this doggy is the president of the Pooches Against Darth Vader Club. The pooch is also doing an A+++ impersonation of most people when Piers Morgan’s face pops up on a TV screen:


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After the video went viral, Luke Skywalker himself gave the dog props for doing something he should’ve done when first meeting Darth Vader:

Because the human knew to record, he’s probably made his pooch watch Star Wars before, but hopefully that’s the last time he makes his dog watch any Star Wars movie. That dog doesn’t need to deal with the trauma anymore! Besides, if the human makes his dog watch that shitty Rise of the Skywalker movie, the pooch will jump off the sofa, pack his things up, and leave because of the torture of it all.

Pic: TikTok

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