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Open Post: Hosted By The Ridiculously Expensive Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets

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Nobody can ever convince me that the people who go to Taco Bell aren’t a part of the world’s largest Nacho cheese worshiping cult. Because whenever that Dispensary of Diarrhea comes up with a devious way to get more cash their followers latch on with wide-eyed smiles and no questions asked. That kind of devotion should only be reserved for puppy dogs and porn stars, but alas the Taco Bell loyalist is a rare breed of insane. And apparently, there’s money in re-selling their hot sauce packets. You know, the shit you get for free when you go to EVERY location? Well online, you can make big bucks selling a few packets. Even as much as $25K.

Now before you start diving into that bin in your pantry with all the condiments you’ve ever gotten since 1996, there is a catch. According to Eat This Not That the only hot sauce packets that can be sold for big money are the ones that were printed without Taco Bell’s usual witty puns. First and foremost; who in the fuck is looking at hot sauce packet puns when you have three Doritos Locos Tacos in front of you? Priorities, people! But, this really is a thing. And people are looking to cash in on the rarity.

One listing for 40 hot sauce packets sold for $12.99 (remember, these hot sauce packets are usually free at Taco Bell locations, and even sold by the bottle at your local grocery store for around $6), while others, like this listing for “Taco Bell Hot Sauce, Blank Packet No Label. SUPER RARE (apparently)” is going for $24,999.99.

Another listing is requesting $2,500 for six packets, which is crazy. And there’s also a thread on Reddit with many wondering exactly what the hell is wrong with these people because finding a Taco Bell sauce packet without a saying isn’t that hard. It actually happens quite often, leading most to believe this is one huge scam. Uh DUH! Of course, it’s a scam. But if people just want to give their money away, I have an old McDLT box I keep roach clips in that I’ll easily let go for $1.5 million if anyone’s interested.

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