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Open Post: Hosted By Rita Wilson “Spitting Some Flow” On “The Masked Singer”

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Now we know again where Chet Hanks got his impeccable rapping skills from. Because Rita once again revealed her own rapping “abilities” on The Masked Singer, giving us the scariest moment involving a white woman on The Masked Singer since Caitlyn Jenner‘s haunting rendition of TiK ToK.

Rita was a guest judge on last night’s episode of The Masked Singer and critiqued The Chameleon, which many believe is rapper Wiz Khalifa, and Rita decided to show the rapping Chameleon that she too can, as she said, “spit some flow.” She then spit some Naughty By Nature bars for the second time. Rita has rapped before when she and Tom Hanks first had coronavirus. So much like a white gay guy singing that one Nicki Minaj verse from Monster every party he goes to, Rita is pulling tricks. Here’s the moment in all its skin-crawling glory:

Meanwhile, the Crab was revealed to be Bobby Brown, and the Seashell was revealed to be Tamera Mowry-Housley:

I gotta say, watching those super-dressed-up, over-the-top characters slowly remove their own heads is never any less disturbing to me, though this time I have to say since I was so horrified by Rita’s rapping it did cushion the blow. Can’t wait for her to release an EP with Chet called “White Mother/Son Summer.”


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