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Open Post: Hosted By Rihanna Not Getting Recognized At A Protest

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Rihanna is a busy woman. She’s running a panty, makeup, haircare, and skincare empire, and also has to spend time rolling her eyes every time an annoying fan asks where her next album is. But just because Rihanna is running a Nu Era Avon Lady Kingdom doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for important social causes. Remember when she helped with trash pickup at the White House? And over the weekend, Rihanna went to a #StopAsianHate march in New York, to show her support and while showing her support, she may have met the one person on earth who didn’t ask her, “Where’s the album, RiRi?

Asian hate crimes have been on the rise for a while and in part thanks to a certain previous President of the United States (and Meghan McCain) calling coronavirus the “China Virus.” A #StopAsianHate march was recently organized in New York. TMZ says that Rihanna attended on Sunday with her assistant, Tina Truong.

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Not everyone noticed that Rihanna was in the crowd, though. People were masked up, and one protestor had to have Rihanna literally show them her Instagram account because they did not know who she was:

And I’m surprised the guy didn’t say, “Oooooh, that’s you? The one who hasn’t put out an album in 5 years?!

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