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Open Post: Hosted By Richard Madden Covered In Goo

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My Good Friday turned into a Great Friday after seeing Scottish hunk Richard Madden’s wet gimp look in a time-lapse video of him getting a plaster cast made of his body for his upcoming role in the Amazon series Citadel. According to Entertainment Tonight:

The shirtless star sits still while he is covered from the torso up with the plaster.

Say no more, sold!

Here’s the video. TW: Gasping for breath. Not him, me.

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Well, roll me over and call me haggis. And by that I mean I’d let him stuff my guts with his wild oats and offal. What I’m saying is, I’d let him toss that caber right into my 19th hole. I’d let him deep fry my Twinkie. Call me Nessie because these humps are for him! Umm, something about sheep! Baah bitch, Baah! Shear me smooth, daddy, I’ve been a naughty little lamb. Let’s see, what else… He could squeeze my bag and pipe my reed until I wailed so loud you could hear me from Berwick-upon-Tweed all the way to the Isle of Skye. My Fingal’s Cave awaits agape. Get it? You know, because he’s Scottish!

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