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Open Post: Hosted By Lady Gaga As The New Face Of Dom Pérignon Champagne

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Late last year Lady Gaga decided to give all the cookies in the snack aisle the fright of their life by releasing a terrifying pink and green Oreo cookie that looked like it came out of Hell’s vending machines. And honestly, after you fuck up Oreos, you need to have several seats and re-think your life choices. Well, Gaga has left the cookies behind for now and is popping $150 bottles as the new face of Dom Pérignon. A check: there’s not one that Gaga will turn down.

People reports that Gaga has left the cookie slinging to the Girl Scouts as she tips on over to the fancy side of town to shake and shimmy for a huge Dom Pérignon check. In addition to becoming their new spokesperson, Gaga will also be getting her own line of limited edition bottles. Of course, she had to let her Little Monsters know on Instagram with a post holding a bottle of 2006 vintage sparkling rosé while giving Magneto on Drag Race realness. She also announced an accompanying film to be released on April 6 which she created with artist Nick Knight. Gaga also spoke about the collaboration in a brief video as well (swipe right):

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Just like that, all of the Little Monsters took a second mortgage out on their parents’ house to buy that mess.

And the way Gaga is talking in that video. It’s like a super fancy hostage video. And why does it also feel like an extended clip from AHS: Hotel with all the seizure-inducing graphics behind her? That’s probably the real reason why they came up with this collaboration; to get people drunk enough to watch that mess. Whatever their motives are, Gaga is clearly on board because that’s not all she had to say.

“I always thought Dom Pérignon was a model of what creation is all about,” she said in an exclusive quote to PEOPLE. “There is no rule, except one: To never stop reaching for the stars.”

By “reaching for the stars” she means “Fuck that Oreo money. I’M RICH BE-YOTCH!

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