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Open Post: Hosted By Kid Cudi’s Floral Dress Tribute To Kurt Cobain On “Saturday Night Live”

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During his performance of Sad People on Saturday Night Live last night, Kid Cudi wore a pretty little floral dress and some may have thought that he was paying tribute to every girl named Becca who wore a Jessica McClintock dress like that with jellies to an Easter party in the 80s. But Kid Cudi was actually paying tribute to Kurt Cobain and it wasn’t his only tribute of the night.

Kurt Cobain died 27 years ago on April 5, 1994 so Kid Cudi decided to honor him on last night’s SNL. For his first performance, Cudi wore a green cardigan like the one Kurt wore during Nirvana’s performance on Unplugged. He also showed love to Chris Farley, who died in 1997, with his t-shirt. And while those tributes are sweet, I’m sure Kid Cudi pissed many a cat owner off because their pussies probably kept swatting at the laser-on-roids show happening on the TV screen:

And here’s Cudi performing Sad People while working a bedazzled floral homage to Kurt Cobain:

Both Kurt Cobain and Chris Farley suffered from depression, which Kid Cudi has struggled with. Here’s a side-by-side of Kid Cudi’s tribute ensembles to Kurt Cobain and Kurt Cobain wearing the original looks:

Kid Cudi’s dress is not from a Dress Barn circa 1989 (I know, some fashonista he is!). The Kurt Cobain tribute dress was made for Kid Cudi by Virgil Abloh for Off-White, and it will be included in Cudi’s collection for the brand. And while dude rappers wearing dresses is nothing new, I’ve seen some Twitter comments from messes who are declaring that “masculinity” is now forever dead thanks to Cudi wearing a sundress. I, for one, plan to wear a dress to masculinity’s funeral. But not a strappy one like Cudi’s. I don’t have the shoulders for it.

Pic: YouTube

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