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Open Post: Hosted By Kelly Clarkson Losing It Over Gwyneth Paltrow’s Love Of “WAP”

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Ellen‘s worst nightmare, The Kelly Clarkson Show, nabbed Gwyneth Paltrow as a guest for today’s show. And we may as well call Gwyneth the Vagina Whisperer because she is obsessed with everything coochie-related (see: coochie smells, coochie orgasms, and coochie eggs). So it’s no surprise that when Kelly Clarkson asked Gwyneth what songs she goes to when she’s feeling down, she answered, “Wet Ass Pussy.” When Gwyneth heard WAP for the first time, she probably shouted to the heavens, “Finally, I feel seen!” But Kelly was shocked by Gwyneth’s answer and probably got a WAP from pissing herself while laughing.

When I say Kelly Clarkson lost her whole mind at Gwyneth’s revelation…. She waved and wheezed and I think she actually slapped her knee at one point. Here’s the clip:

This gives me some “missed opportunity” vibes. To think, Gwyneth could’ve been featured in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s star-studded music video. Gwyneth could’ve stomped down that hallway while dressed as a slutty jungle cat instead of Kylie Jenner. That sounds like something she’d return to acting for! Maybe there can be a remix! Gwyneth can strut down the hallway while holding her newest Goop candle: “This Smells Like My Wet Ass Pussy.”


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