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Open Post: Hosted By Halle Berry’s Baby Bangs Fake Out

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People says that Halle Berry was actually joking about that bob and struggle bangs she debuted at the 2021 Oscars last week. Halle made everyone wonder if something was wrong because she stepped out at the Academy Awards looking like she’d just cut her own bangs in a spur-of-the-moment decision after waking up from a five-hour depression nap. But apparently, it was just a gag! She hit up social media to reveal that she didn’t really get Lloyd Christmas bangs.

Halle’s choice in Oscar bang really had the Internet scratching their collective head and also cracking absolute jokes on her ass, wondering what possessed her to frame her face with an Edward Scissorhands On A Bender cut:

Halle got in on the fun though, even retweeting one of the jokes made about her new hairstyle:

But the jokes had to come to an end sometime, and Halle hopped on Twitter to show that she Punk’d our asses good and her long, highlighted hair was still intact and professionally maintained.

Glad to learn that this was a bad wig and not a bad choice Halle would have to live with until it grew out. Now the hair-piece can float away and join the rest of its tragic brethren on the Isle of Misfit Wigs which is ruled over by a Royal Family made up of all of John Travolta‘s old pieces.

Pic: Instagram

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