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Open Post: Hosted By Expedia’s Replica Of Joe Jonas’ Hand For Nervous Flyers To Hold

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Joe Jonas has joined forces with Expedia for one of their travel campaigns. With COVID-19 travel restrictions easing up and more and more people flying, Expedia decided travelers may need a helping hand to ease the stress of traveling. So A.V. Club says that Expedia has produced replicas of Joe Jonas’ hand for nervous travelers to hold while they get back out there and start flying places. Nervous flyers and people who want to give themselves a handjob with a plastic Joe Jonas palm rejoice!

Expedia’s Helping Hand program is still open for you to sign-up, but only 250 replicas of Joe Jonas’ hand were made and were available on a “first-come, first-served” basis, so you may be out of luck and will have to find Joe’s hand on eBay or something. The replicas are made with a 3D printer and Joe will sign each one:

Made with a 3D printer and “stereolithography technology,” with every hand getting painted with “custom artwork.” Each one is also hand-numbered and signed by Jonas, in case an exact replica of his hand wasn’t already special enough.

Hand-painted custom art? Oh, baby girl–we all know those hands are going straight up people’s buttholes. But love the effort. Here’s some super kinky hand stuff:

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Don’t worry, the plastic hands aren’t the only thing that Expedia has done to make life easier during Coronavirus. They also did something actually helpful by donating $100,000 to Mercy Corps to help them provide food, water, and emergency supplies in communities where COVID has been especially damaging.

Well, guys, what do we think? Personally, I don’t think a hand will be enough to calm me on a flight post-COVID. I think they’ll have to expand the range of products. I guess they’ll just have to hire Chris Evans to design a line of butt-plugs for nervous flyers. Oh well! Anything to save the travel industry!

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