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Open Post: Hosted By Chet Hanks Teasing His New Song “White Boy Summer”

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Last month, Chet Hanks, the 30-year-old douche spawn of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, solidified his place in mega douche history by trying to make “White Boy Summer” a thing. Turns out it was more than just a stupid twist of Megan Thee Stallion‘s “Hot Girl Summer,” it was a new rap single. At least he doesn’t rap in patois, so it could have been worse…

Chet teased his “White Boy Summer” single and music video on Instagram. Teasing whether or not he should release the video on Friday as planned or ahead of time and drop this absolute banger on Tuesday. I think that “never” is the optimal release date, but Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, is pumped up and suggested in the comments section that Chet release it Tuesday. And I mean, after seeing the preview, how could anyone with working eyes and ears wait even a minute longer?!

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With stunning lyrics like: “She let me beat it, I’m a white boy wonder,” I think that Chet has truly solved racism. But don’t worry, just because the song specifies white boys, this is going to be an “all-inclusive” summer. Chet said of his single:

“It’s everybody’s summer. This is all-inclusive. This is everybody. For me, for me, since I’m a white boy, it’s gonna be a white boy summer. You know what I mean?”

Well, he probably doesn’t mean the allegations of abuse his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker came at him with. Kiana was granted a restraining order against Chet this year after she alleged he threatened her with a knife. Chet also accused Kiana of violently attacking him during a fight.

And in case you’re wondering what White Boy Summer will look like, here you go:

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Love it when a woman is dancing on a guy and he is stone-faced. He is so serious about it. Sorry ladies, enjoy your summer of dancing on non-moving creepy white boys!

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