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Open Post: Hosted By Aaron Rodgers And Shailene Woodley Showing Off Their ~Love~ In A Video For Disney World

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29-year-old Shailene Woodley and 37-year-old Aaron Rodgers showed how seriously they are engaged and had an overly lovey-dovey interview with Disney World where they spent a lot of time making out at the resort’s various Disney-themed locales. Hmm… look at that. I guess someone got a better deal on tickets than Shonda Rhimes did.

Shailene and Aaron hit up the Grand Floridian Resort for a Walt Disney World Minute. In the video, Aaron said he’s been coming back to Disney since 2011. Ten years of Disney. I’m not that shocked. I am a little shook about Shailene because she’s like a pipeline warrior/Disney freak? Sure, everyone is multi-faceted. Can’t wait to see her at a protest creating an anti-establishment chant to the tune of Be Our Guest.

The interview is just a bunch of questions and the answers quickly slide into sweetly sickening territory. Reading through it will give you a toothache. Hope you have a good dental plan! via TMZ:

After the interviewer asked, “What is one thing that always makes you smile?” — the two pointed at each other and swooned.

“This guy,” Woodley said. “You,” Rodgers added.

Shailene continued, “Oh! You’re so cute, baby!” Rodgers followed up, “Yeah. You always make me smile.”

The lovefest didn’t stop there, though … when the two were asked how they unwind after a long day — Shailene said a bath and wine, which made Rodgers chime in with this nugget …

“I was going to say cuddle time …”

Shailene then admitted the two sing Disney songs together often … while Rodgers said the plan for their Disney experience that day was to basically make out all over the park.

Here are Shailene and Aaron talking about what color lightsabers they’d have and damn they’re mushy:

They said they sing a lot of Disney songs at home and they listed several film soundtracks… What’s that like? Being a Disney couple seems like such an exhausting cult. The discography you have to memorize alone sounds like law school. AndI’m just a bit surprised that in their questionnaire they didn’t mention all the vagina and b-hole sunbathing they were gonna do at the resort!

Pic: YouTube

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