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Open Post: Hosted By A Vaccinated Britney Spears

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Britney Spears‘ immune system is stronger than yesterday because she went out and got herself vaccinated. We don’t know which vaccine Britney got, but I’m telling myself that she got the Dolly Parton one (aka Moderna). Talk about the collab of the century!

In a video she posted yesterday, Britney announced that she got her COVID-19 vaccine. Brit’s buff lover, Sam Asghari, was with her and it’s unclear if he got his shot too. But Britney let her followers know to not be scared of it because it was nothing:

“OK, the people on the Internet said that it was really, really bad, it was like a bullet going through your arm — it was nothing. I felt nothing. I’m fine, and I hope I continue to stay fine.”

No bullet, good to know! Britney and Sam then quoted Borat and did a “High five!”

Sam also commented on Britney’s Instagram post to keep the Borat references going. These two really love that movie. So I guess at Britney’s house it’s either Borat or Dolittle. And that’s called “sophisticated tastes.”

Congratulations to the medical person got the blessing of injecting Britney Spears with her COVID-19 vaccine, I’m happy that while we have yet to save Britney from her conservatorship, we have at least saved her from Coronavirus. Let’s sing a special corona-version of Circus in celebration! “Spike proteins on me, in the center of my veins, just like a vaccine!”

Pic: Twitter

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