On A Scale From 1 To Melania, How Much Does Ivanka Trump Hate Kimberly Guilfoyle?

While many Americans watched the first presidential debate (read: dumpster fire) from their living rooms where they could keep a bottle or two of wine within reach, most of the Trump clan joined the president at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, sitting front row and, unsurprisingly, flouting the venue’s mask rules for audience members.

Much like their patriarch, the family’s personal mask-wearing compass seems to direct them at random; they were spotted, in a series of photos posted to social media, covering up backstage. But this isn’t a story about the Trumps wearing masks. We’re here to talk about the clear rivalry between Ivanka Trump and her brother’s outspoken zealot of a girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

If Ivanka is Melania’s headache, Kim is most definitely Ivanka’s. We mean, how absolutely annoyed do you think Oval Office Barbie was when her desperate-to-be-sister-in-law wore practically the same outfit as her to the debate? Do all the clothing stores in DC only sell cream suit sets with cinching details around the waist? (Actually, maybe don’t answer that, but still.)

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And while Ivanka’s dead eyes don’t really communicate much in terms of emotion, reports of Succession-style sibling drama between Ivanka and Don Jr., Kimberly’s beau, give us enough to draw our own conclusions. As Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, who have always taken a more measured approach to public appearances, have fallen from her father’s favor, Don Jr. and Kimberly, whose language and personas fit the brashness beloved by the MAGA set, are rising in the ranks. Last year, Kimberly was even named one of Trump’s senior advisors, a title she shares with Ivanka. 

Honestly, I’d be pretty peeved if some random obsessive fan got plucked out of the crowd to steal my job just because she’s sleeping with the boss’s son. But if she then copied my outfit? Well, that’d be the last damn straw.

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