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Nicole Kidman Was Papped On Set Of The New Lucille Ball Biopic

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Despite Debra Messing’s desperate pleas, Nicole Kidman was cast as Lucille Ball in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic, Being the Ricardos. The movie, which also stars Javier Bardem as Desi Arnaz, will take place over one week of filming I Love Lucy and dive into Lucille and Desi’s marriage. Now Nicole’s been papped in between takes on the set of the film, and the result is.. well, see for yourself…

It’s Nicole Kidman with a soft side bang:

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Did Lucy ever sport a soft side bang with her hair down? Usually, the hair was styled up and super curly, right? So maybe this is Nicole as casual Lucille Ball running errands. Or the look isn’t finished yet? But The Daily Mail notes that the paps snapped Nicole waiting in between filming takes. And the Daily Mail is never wrong! Not once, not ever!

If you need a refresher, here’s what Lucille looked like when she played Lucy (she was in her mid-forties, Nicole is 53):

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Ugh, I hate that I immediately saw Debra Messing in that picture. Also, I don’t see any Javier Bardem when I look at Desi. So maybe Nicole is the least of our problems.

Now, Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Desi and Lucille, gave the actors her LuSEAL (heh) of approval. Her argument is that Being the Ricardos won’t be a remake of the I Love Lucy sitcom, and Nicole won’t be doing a Lucy Ricardo impression. Nope, she says the movie’s mainly about her parents’ doomed relationship and the emotions of it all. Which I’m sure a couple of Oscar winners can pull off.

I mean, if they were going for an impression of Lucy Ricardo, I know about forty actresses who coulda done a better job than Nicole Kidman:

Take your pick, Sorkin!


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