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Natalie Mordovtseva Accused Mike Youngquist of Cheating the Night Before the Wedding?!

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Mike Youngquist was in the hot seat at the 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Tell All Part 1.

The entire stage watched Natlaie’s devastation when he canceled their wedding the morning of.

While he didn’t offer a better explanation than he had before, he did share one new detail.

Natalie had accused him of cheating the night before. Is it true?

Obviously, Mike was asked to try to explain himself to the audience and to Natalie.

Revealing that he simply wasn’t ready to marry Natalie that day was just as weird now as it was then.

After all, he married her two days later. All of that heartbreak was for nothing.

But this was when Natalie and Mike shared a previously unseen tidbit.

The night before, viewers had seen them go to bed so happy and in love.

And the next thing that we saw, Natalie was in tears. What changed?

It turns out that what changed was that Mike left the house that night.

He was gone for five or six hours in the dark.

Natalie had no idea where he went, and he wasn’t answering his phone.

Natalie asked his neighbor Tamara, who did not know where Mike was.

Natalie asked Uncle Beau, who did not know where Mike was.

One theory, that he was having some sort of bachelor party, didn’t make any sense.

Mike lives in the middle of nowhere in Sequim, Washington.

And Tamara semi-delicately said that, to put it nicely, he wouldn’t really have guests at such a party.

Mike is a busy adult with an agonizing schedule. He doesn’t have a bunch of local friendships.

So where did Mike go?

He shared that he had gone by the water, just five or six miles from the house, to think.

Most people might avoid going into the woods at night, but Mike was just fine. He needed to clear his head.

Pre-wedding jitters are not unusual, even for loving couples without Mike and Natalie’s mountain of baggage.

Mike had been dragging his heels all season.

He had a lot on his mind, and it makes sense that he wanted to get his head on straight before marrying.

However, when he got back, Natalie was understandably distraught.

Her husband-to-be had disappeared for hours without explanation or warning, and was out of contact.

Even a rock-solid relationship could have conflict over a vanishing act like that.

Of course, Mike and Natalie do not have a “better relationship.”

Natalie has been intensely suspicious of Mike in the past, for reasons that don’t really add up for fans.

And the two of them have had an extremely toxic relationship. So yes, things exploded.

Ultimately, that is Mike’s bad.

Even in the best of relationships on a normal week, you let your loved ones (who live with you) know when you’re going.

It’s not about control, it’s just a courteous “I’m running errands” or “I’m meeting friends” or “I’m going for a walk.” Common courtesy.

But some viewers think that Mike’s bad was much worse than just going ghost like that.

Fans watching the Tell All took to social media to share their reactions.

Some claimed that they would have suspected him of cheating, too … yes, even the night before the wedding.

Others took things a step further.

Some fans theorized that Mike must have met up with his hairdresser, the one who clearly likes him, and boned.

It’s not clear what that is based upon other than fertile imaginations, but hey, it’s what people are saying.





Natalie mordovtseva accused mike youngquist of cheating the nigh

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