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Meghan McCain’s Hairstylist Swears She’s Not Trying To Make Meghan Look Bad

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After watching The View, you’d think that the only person who hates Meghan McCain more than her co-workers is whoever has been styling her goddamn hair. Meghan has served a wide array of looks this season and honestly, I’ve hated about 97% of them. But just like with her, my hatred of them is the whole reason I watch. Well, her stylist, Carmen Currie, has spoken out and it turns out she doesn’t hate Meghan McCain. Carmen is just being fun and trying things out. Sure, Jan Carmen.

The Cut spoke to Carmen about her job as a stylist on The View. It must be interesting working for one of daytime’s most insufferable hosts (and she definitely has the insufferable crown now that Sharon Osbourne is gone from daytime). Carmen is a model-turned-hairstylist who worked for a bunch of political types, like Nancy Pelosi and Tulsi Gabbard, before joining The View this season. But The View isn’t stuffy old Washington, so Carmen gets to push the limits. She explained to The Cut on the phone:

“I’m not slapping something on her and being like, “Take THAT!” I’m not telling her what to do all the time, it’s not like that at all. I want her to feel comfortable, I want her to feel confident with what I’m doing, and I want her to like it overall, and she does. I think it shows, and that’s part of what people are picking up on… The View is under the Disney umbrella, and I was already with ABC News. I think that’s the thing people don’t know: She didn’t seek me out the way you would do as an individual; we work for the same company, and the company hired me to work with Meghan. I’m on The View now, but I mostly work with people who are on the news. There’s no fun hair and fun makeup; it’s very straightforward and obviously more conservative. Working with Meghan and The View, I get to be more creative and more artistic with the looks.”

Imagine Carmen was allowed to just be fun all the time?  Imagine Nancy Pelosi with those fucking Chun-Li buns… My God… Carmen is truly insane. But hey, she’s been loving the creative process of working with Meghan who has lots of ideas for her hair and makeup:

“I have certain things in my head that I want to do on her, but my looks revolve around what she’s wearing, which I don’t know every day. She might just have a black sweater on, or she might have something a little more fun, and that dictates the direction, which shapes and colors I emphasize…  I like to stay on-trend, but I like to put my own stamp on things, so it’s never exactly what you see on Instagram or Snapchat or all these other platforms… Sometimes [Meghan]’s inspired by a look that she saw, and she’s like, “Can we re-create this? Or something like this?” and I’m always down. She gets her inspiration from the [Real] Housewives, but also magazines, fashion trends, and colors.”

But one of Meghan’s most infamous hair choices–the “glitter roots”–was all Carmen:

“That’s a neat thing. I love anything that sparkles and shines, and I really like when we do a part right down the middle.”

Imagine taking credit for this unicorn skid mark:

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Carmen may not intend to be setting Meghan up, but she sure as shit gives me everything I need in a visual experience. And Twitter has been absolutely killing it roasting Meghan’s hair choices. The thread is my personal favorite:

The fact that this is not a setup is truly even funnier because how? How can you put two braids in the front of sis’ head with a middle part and say, “Done. Ready for TV.” I mean I guess it’s a winning decision for job security, right? Why else watch The View unless it’s to see Meghan’s fucked-up hair or to watch her get served by Whoopi Goldberg? Meghan has trolled her way to being the most important cast member!

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