Meet The Yacht Dog, Zachary Weiss’s Caviar-Topped, Do-Good Delicacy

Are you in the Lisa Rinna / Erika Jayne camp of enjoying a good hot dog “once, twice a year?” Well, I hope to god you haven’t hit your quota yet for 2020, because Zachary Weiss and The Standard, High Line are cooking up the most luxurious, indulgent hot dogs for a great cause!

Through the end of October, the Meatpacking District hot spot will be serving up The Yacht Dog – a classic NYC hot dog topped with a delicious lemon chive aioli and two very generous dollops of Royal Transmontanus Caviar. 100% of the proceeds from the $75 must-try dish will benefit ROAR New York, an amazing organization which provides relief for restaurant workers. 

“If you’re able to, there’s never been a more important time to splurge and support the businesses you love,” Weiss says. “We made that easier than ever with the Yacht Dog, a truly absurd creation you won’t find anywhere else in the world.”

Don’t forget to dress the preppy part!

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