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Madonna Releases New Sexy Lingerie Pics After Her Recent Photoshop “Scandal”

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Madonna was recently called out for performing her own Photoshop version of Face/Off by plastering her own head onto the body of an Australian woman named Amelia Goldie. But instead of responding with a lawsuit for Amelia daring to say she uses Photoshop, 62-year-old Madonna brought her bondage titties out in a series of lingerie photos. And prepare your ears to be hit with a vocal fry scream from the Kardashians because when they go to filter the shit out of one of their pictures today, they will be told that the internet is all out of filters for now. Madge used ’em all up!

In what can only be described as an outfit made from leftover whips and chains she’s had hidden in her attic since the Justify My Love video, Madge decided to make it a true Palm Sunday for anyone interested in seeing her gaze drunkenly into the camera, reminding everyone that she is the forever reigning Queen of Titillation. According to E! News, Madge broke out her selfie stick, some questionable smizing techniques, and her dominatrix-inspired decolletage for a photoshoot.

In the caption, she referenced the alter ego she had explored in her 2019 album Madame X, although she did not specify when the shots were taken.

“And Now For A Moment of Self Reflection…………..Madame [X emoji],” Madonna captioned the post.

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Each picture tells the tale of just how badly Madge couldn’t wait to throw on her favorite ensemble and show the youth how thirst trapping is really done. Notice how, in the first photo, Madge gazes lustfully into the camera like “Yup, Momma still got that milk!“. But then things take a turn for the unfortunate as she stares up from the floor, one eye towards the camera distinctly signaling to us that she’s fallen and can’t get up. Finally, in her coup de grace, we can’t tell if she’s still on the floor or if she has somehow levitated to the ceiling. In any case, it’s all magic! So much glamour and stunning attention to detail in one set of photography. I just hope her kids didn’t walk in on her with two straps of gothic dental floss covering her breasts and a biker cap from the Tom of Finland collection on her head. Because that’s the kind of trauma no child would ever get over.

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