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Mackenzie McKee Trashed for “Unsanitary” New Tattoo Honoring Late Mother

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Mackenzie McKee sometimes makes appalling mistakes and then has to apologize.

Even then, Teen Mom fans don’t hate her. They just wish that she made better choices.

In fact, her latest questionable decision has fans genuinely worried about her.

Did she put herself in danger while getting this tattoo under questionable conditions?

Mackenzie McKee Gets a New Tattoo

Mackenzie McKee took to Instagram to share with followers what she’s been up to.

“Took a spontaneous trip to Oklahoma,” she announced.

Mackenzie explained that the random trip was made “to celebrate my moms birthday.”

Mackenzie McKee Flaunts Her New Tattoo

“We all got special tattoos in her handwriting,” Mackenzie shared.

While avoidable travel during a pandemic is rarely wise, that is a touching gesture.

“I got to meet my niece,” she added.

Mackenzie McKee Got to Meet Her Niece

“And we got a good family workout in,” Mackenzie shares.

(No, we don’t know what a “family workout” is either)

She continued: “along with some #bodybymac photos by the one and only @whitterbug12”

Mackenzie McKee Has a Family Workout

“I am so blessed in life y’all,” Mackenzie gushed.

She added: “I’ve ironically become more close with my best friend @caylapaige and my family since moving….”

That is not uncommon. When you have to stay in touch, sometimes you do.

Mackenzie McKee and Photo of Mom

Naturally, the post was also a plug for her vlogging.

“Ok now it’s time to go check out this whole blog,” she wrote, “on my YouTube channel ‘life with Mackenzie.'”

“And,” Mackenzie urged her followers, “help me reach 100k subscribers”

Mackenzie McKee Book

“And thank you @silver_perez13 for the awesome Ink,” she expressed.

She was referring to her tattoo, of course.

“He is honestly the best,” she appraised.

Mackenzie McKee with Hubby

Then, as is so often the case for celebrities who realize that they just posted a whole bunch of group photos, she added a disclaimer.

“Everyone in these photos were tested 2x before we got together,” Mackenzie claimed.

“And,” she alleged, “each home was professionally sanitized.”

Mackenzie McKee Smile

We of course have no idea how much of that may or may not have been true.

Since last spring, we have all seen reality stars claim to follow safety rules that they were not following at all.

But fans were a little more concerned about the circumstances of her receiving the tattoo.

Mackenzie on Season 9

“Extremely unsanitary and disgusting. Holy s–t,” one social media commenter observed.

Another declared: “Oh my god. This is so unsanitary and with her being diabetic, yikes.”

That same commenter added: “This is an infection waiting to happen.”

Mackenzie McKee in the Gym

“No reputable tattoo artist does this,” another Redditor observed.

That comment explained: “because you can’t maintain a sanitary environment / don’t have access to disinfecting tools like an autoclave.”

An additional commenter chimed in to agree that the situation was: “Definitely unsanitary.”

Mackenzie McKee Has Abs

We do not, of course, know the precise conditions in which Mackenzie received her tattoo.

But suffice it to say that when a needle is jabbing into your skin many times, sanitary concerns are a big deal.

And quite frankly, a pandemic is a terrible time to get a tattoo. Next year would have honored Mackenzie’s mom just as much as this year.

Mackenzie McKee with Weights

For the record, Mackenzie’s tattoo across her ribs reads “Phil 4:13.”

That biblical passage reads: “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

We sincerely hope that there were no infections, COVID or otherwise, during this trip that could have absolutely waited.

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