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Mackenzie McKee; I’ve Cheated on My Husband SOOOO Many Times!

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Mackenzie McKee would like to make something clear.

Are you listening closely? 

Yes? You are?

Okay, here goes the Teen Mom veteran…

Mackenzie McKee: Selfie with Kids!


No, really. McKee really wants everyone to know this about her.

The long-time MTV star has apparently grown so sick and tired of social media users blasting her for sticking with husband Josh — even after he admitted to cheating on her two years ago — that she’s lashing back in unusual fashion.

She’s insisting that she’s no pushover… because she also sucks as a spouse.

Mackenzie McKee TikToks

Said McKee in a new TikTok video;

“I’m so happy you guys know more about my life than I know about my life because I have been diagnosed, by you guys, with a ‘idiot woman who takes back a serial cheating husband.’”

The mother of three has dealt with this sort of criticism many times in the past.

She separated from Josh in the summer of 2019 after he confessed to cheating and then she went ahead and trashed her husband as a horrible person due to his misdeeds.

Mackenzie McKee in Her Car

Later that same year, though, Josh allegedly found God, proposed once again to McKee and the two have basically been going strong ever since.

Except for the time Mackenzie accused Josh of sleeping with her cousin.

But then she took that back and said the pair basically only had an emotional affair.

And then she got mad at critics who suggested Josh had been up to no good, even though she was the one who started the rumors in the first place last year.

It’s been quite the journey for these two.

Mackenzie McKee with Hubby

Now that they’re back together, however, McKee is sick and tired of being painted as some insecure, powerless and/or pathetic housewife.

She revealed on TikTok that she “cheated far more than he has,” and added: “Baby, I know my self-worth.”

We can see where she’s coming from here; you just don’t see it everyday.

McKee, who has admitted to cheating on Josh in the past, would prefer that folks view her as dishonest and disloyal … instead of emotionally frail and perpetually vulnerable.

Mackenzie Hugs Josh

In this same video, meanwhile, McKee emphasized that her husband is stupid, not full of himself.

“We can call Josh a dumbass because he’s been a dumbass, but at least he’s not a narcissist,” she adding to combat some speculation:

“Josh has never once controlled me, told me what to do or beat me. If you want to diagnose him with narcissism, give me the facts.”

Dude may be many things, in other words, but he’s no David Eason.

Mackenzie McKee and Husband Josh

As for why she went off on this rant?

McKee explained that she’s just “tired of the bullsh*t [and] sick of these messages that are coming my way.”

“I don’t mother-effing stay with a cheating husband,” she continued.

“If I had just been his faithful, little sweetheart to him and he was off cheating, do you think I would be with him? No! No, I wouldn’t.”

Mackenzie on Season 9

In McKee’s mind, we guess, two wrongs make a right match.

“[People ask], ‘How do you fight for him?’ I don’t fight for him,” she concluded on TikTok.

“I came to Florida, and he came to be with us. I never asked him to be. I don’t fight for him, and I never will.

“If Josh wants to leave, don’t let that door hit you.”

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