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Lil Nas X Was Seen At A Party, Despite Telling People To Stay At Home

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It’s been more than a year since COVID-19 forced many people into their homes. And people have kind of fallen into one of two camps: those who are tired of sitting on the couch every day, and the “Pandemic? What pandemic?” types. Lil Nas X appeared to be in the first category, or at the very least, he was very pro-stay-at-home. But then he was recently seen at a big indoor group birthday party with a bunch of random TikTokers. And it’s got a whole lot of people suggesting he take his horse to the old town road, turn right, and head for the nearest testing center to make sure he didn’t pick up COVID-19 while he was partying.

Lil Nas X’s participation in a public party had people on the internet very confused because he recently referenced the ongoing virus crisis during a Twitter argument about the video for his song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)“, saying that people really should have better things to worry about than him giving Satan a lap dance. An argument I think we can all agree on.

That wasn’t the only tweet in which Lil Nas X rolled his eyes at people focusing on the wrong thing, but it’s currently the only one that exists because he did some decluttering and deleted a bunch of pandemic-referencing tweets after he was busted for partying. Whoops! The following video was posted recently, showing Lil Nas X at what was reportedly singer Austin Mahone’s 25th birthday party. According to Insider, the party appears to have taken place at something called the Wish mansion, a mansion reportedly owned by the CEO of Wish. The Wish mansion is often rented out for social media events and filming for social media influencers, like TikTok stars. Austin is affiliated with the Clubhouse TikTok collective, which would explain why there were many TikTok stars there, like Quenlin Blackwell.

No social media is a good strategy if you want to keep a large-scale public gathering quiet, but nearly impossible when you’re dealing with attention-hungry TikTokers. So of course video and pics leaked of Lil Nas X partying, which was followed by several people on Twitter asking for an explanation.

According to March 2021 reports from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, large indoor gatherings by people who don’t live under the same roof are still not permitted.

Lil Nas X hasn’t responded yet to his presence at a birthday party, and he might not because he’s got other things to worry about, like the Satan Shoes situation with Nike. And I’m personally not counting on a comment from Lil Nas X. He’s spent the past week and a half shutting down haters on Twitter who have something rude to say about his latest music video, which is set in Hell. He was just pretending to be in Hell for a video. I can’t imagine the number of people criticizing him for hanging out in actual Hell. Okay maybe it’s not Hell, but hanging out in a rented mansion filled with social media stars in the middle of a pandemic is no one’s idea of Heaven, either.

Pic: Instagram

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