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LaKeith Stanfield Wrote “Who Cares About Awards Shows?” In A Now-Deleted Instagram Post

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LaKeith Stanfield is nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Judas and the Black Messiah. Supporting Actor. Even though he’s arguably the lead of the film. This baffled everyone, including Lakeith, who took to social media to say, “I’m confused too but fuck it lmao.” That post got deleted. And now he’s back at it again!

LaKeith posted a screenshot of a Deadline article about how the Oscars are thinking about going back on their No Zoom Allowed! policy. His caption? ‘No one cares lmao.” In the comment section, he added, “Real stuff is happening. Who cares about awards.’  Ha! He’s not wrong! It didn’t last long; obviously, Lakeith’s agent or manager or his own later-brain urged him to take it down, so he did. But deleted social media posts are like Rasputin. It’s nearly impossible to kill them.

Here’s the post:

This isn’t the first time LaKeith’s expressed his “who gives a fuck?” RE: awards shows. Four years ago, before he broke through to movie stardom, LaKeith hopped on stage to accept the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Comedy Series. Except for his show (FX’s Atlanta) hasn’t won. The award actually went to Silicon Valley, an HBO comedy that starred some very kind, respectful men. Here’s the video:

Oh man, even though LaKeith doesn’t care about the Oscars, I sure hope he shows up and pulls a stunt like this again. That’s why I tune into award shows. Live celebrity messiness. Because clearly the actual winners and nominees mean shit all.


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