Joan Didion Is Just So Hilariously Over It In This New Interview

To be fair, it must be hard being Joan Didion. The 86-year-old writer and cultural icon is incessantly looked to to provide prophetic witticisms, but unlike, say, Fran Lebowitz, she isn’t particularly keen on leaning into the role. But, with a new collection of essays, Let Me Tell You What I Mean, coming out this month, Didion has once again been thrown into the spotlight. Per her latest interview with Time, however, it seems she’s pretty over being in it.

A series of questions, a series of literal non-answers, the feature immediately caught the attention of the Twitter literati on Friday for being both painful and hilarious to read. As a writer, I’ve got to feel for the interviewer here, as I could think of no one more terrifying to try to engage in conversation, though as a person who has barely left my house in a year, I can’t help but relate to Didion’s “Ugh” attitude towards it all. 

If Bernie Sanders was the physical embodiment of “Do we really have to do this?” in the age of a pandemic, then Didion is certainly the verbal one. 

Scroll down for the funniest takes on Twitter and read the full interview HERE.

[Photo via Julian Wasser / Netflix]

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