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JLo’s Engagement Ring Did Not Make An Appearance In Her Latest Instagram Pictures

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Just last month, every dictionary updated their definition of “love” to read, “Does not exist, don’t even bothering looking for it,” after it was reported that Jennifer Lopez shit-canned her engagement to Alex Rodriguez over him flirting with a Bravo reality trick on Instagram. But as everyone was lying on the bathroom floor in the fetal position, mourning the loss of history’s greatest love story, we were given a serving of hope (“Hope? Is she hot? How much can she bench?” A-Rod) when it was reported that they didn’t break up and were just going through a “rough patch.” But well, grab some Dramamine, because the roller coaster of emotions that JLo and A-Rod have taken us on has dipped into possible SplitsVille territory again. Because JLo posted pictures on Instagram and her engagement ring was not on her hitchin’ finger.

JLo and A-Rod got engaged in March 2019 after being together for two years. In case you forgot, this is what JLo’s engagement ring looks like. You may want to slather your face with wrinkle-killing olive oil after looking at this picture because you’re definitely going to squint hard from trying to see that teeny tiny ladybug-clit-sized diamond:

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JLo has been in the Dominican Republic where she’s shooting Shotgun Wedding. A-Rod has visited her and we know this, because a pap just so happened to get pictures of them kissing as their publicists prolapsed with rage over forgetting to put a bottle of Goli vitamin gummies on the table. Yesterday, JLo took a break from filming to post riveting pictures of her taking selfies, and while one of her fingers was slathered in diamonds, THAT finger was not.

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So J-Rod could be done again and every blonde fitness “influencer” who hasn’t been hit on by A-Rod yet better prepare for him to slide all the way into their DMs. Or J-Rod pawned the ring to buy the Timberwolves. Or JLo’s attention spot needed an itch so she scratched it by taking off her ring to bring on the gossip. Or JLo tossed that janky bargain-basement ring into the trash and forced A-Rod to pay for the cheating rumors by buying her an even bigger ring. If that’s the case, I’m sure a cheaper version will soon be available from the J-Rod Everlasting Love Collection for Zales.


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