Inside Cara & Poppy Delevingne’s Jungle-Themed Joint Hollywood Home

The idea of shacking up with your adult married sister just doesn’t seem that cute, you know? Perhaps Cara and Poppy Delevingne finally came to that realization. Or, maybe they woke up and checked their bank accounts and realized that they can each definitely afford their own pad! 

Either way, the model duo is splitting up – real-estate wise, that is – putting their quiet four bedroom, three and a half bathroom Hollywood Hills home on the market. Of course, being the style queens that they are, this place comes complete with their unique design stamp. 

After working with architect Nicolò Bini for 18 months to renovate the home, the result is a jungle-themed oasis. Palm tree prints, rattan furniture and bright colors abound throughout the many rooms. All details which they believe clearly add value, considering they bought the home for $2.5 million four years ago, and have now listed it for $3.75 million.

Do you reckon it’s worth that much more? I mean, they did put a teepee in the backyard, so… 

Let’s take a look around!

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