Inside Anna Wintour’s Secretly Scandalous Love Life

Aside from the oh-so-amusing rumor that she once spent a saucy week with Bob Marley, Anna Wintour’s love life is rarely talked about – these days, at least. We mean, as the reigning (though perhaps fading) Queen of Fashion with an icy reputation and Rolodex of famous rivals, who she’s dating – or not – is really the least fascinating thing about her. But recent headlines have brought the mysterious subject to the spotlight and, well, we can’t say we aren’t curious. 

According to reports, Wintour has split with her longtime partner Shelby Bryan after nearly 20 years. If you’ve never heard of him, it’s because Wintour wanted it that way – much of their relationship has been kept low-key, at least for those of us who were too young to be reading gossip columns in 1999. So what’s the deal with her (ex) millionaire beau? Click through for all the scandalous details.

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