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Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Says He’s Losing Teeth And Is Nearly Blind

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Well all know Harvey Weinstein is having a pretty bad time in prison, what with the lack of conveniently-located potted plants and plush hotel-style bathrobes, paired with the forced accountability for his heinous actions. He’s currently doing 23 years in prison for a rape conviction, and ever since he’s been locked up, his health issues range from heart issues to an alleged bout of COVID-19 to a second COVID scare. Harvey can add a few more items to his list of ailments. His lawyers are arguing that Harvey needs some immediate medical attention to deal with vision loss and a whole mess o’ missing teeth.

The reason 69-year-old Harvey’s lawyers are bringing this up right now is because their client has been indicted on sexual assault charges in Los Angeles, which means he faces extradition from New York. He was supposed to be extradited last year; the process to get him to the west coast began on March 11th, 2020. You know exactly where this is going, right? Of course. That plan was put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we’ve sort of figured out how to travel, and the fact that a whole lot of people have been vaccinated, it’s time for everyone to have that extradition conversation again. And according to his lawyers, he can’t shuffle his ass all the way across middle America, because much like many rounding the corner of their 70s, Harvey’s schedule is just too packed with medical appointments. via TMZ:

Harvey doesn’t have to worry about it right now. The judge who oversaw the hearing yesterday agreed to set their next hearing for later this month, where they’ll talk further about Harvey’s trip to California. Despite Harvey’s legal team doing the most to prevent him from getting extradited, they believe he’ll fully beat the case awaiting him in Los Angeles. Okay, fine – so just get those medical procedures done ASAP and book him a ticket. What’s the hold-up? Tie a string to his most rotten teeth, loop it around a door handle, and slam it shut. And his eyes? Eh, just hook him up with some prison-issued Visine.

Although I’m sure Harvey’s lawyers are already working on their next series of travel excuses for that upcoming hearing. But, Harvey’s lawyers, remember to keep us just as entertained as you did this time. It was far too enjoyable picturing Harvey with a bunch of missing teeth, squinting at everything like Mr. Magoo. Next time though, have a little more fun with it. Like telling the judge Harvey can’t travel because he broke his hip after slipping on a puddle of apple juice in the dining hall and falling ass-first onto a pudding cup.


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