Harry Brant, Prince Of New York Society, Has Died At 24

Harry Brant, the younger son of millionaire magnate and Interview magazine publisher Peter M. Brant and supermodel Stephanie Seymour, has died at 24. The tragic news was confirmed by his family, who told the New York Times that the cause was an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. He had reportedly struggled with addiction for several years.

Harry and his older brother, Peter Brant II, rose to prominence on the international social scene as teenagers. They were dubbed members of the “Rich Kids of New York,” with a circle that includes fellow scions Tiffany Trump, Kyra Kennedy, Princess Olympia of Greece, and Gaia Matisse. He attended the Met Gala when he was just 16. 

Between jet-setting and partying, Harry dabbled in journalism as a columnist for his father’s magazine and did some modeling – he was known to push boundaries when it came to gender stereotypes in regards to both fashion and makeup. He embodied bohemian, androgynous glamour and even channeled his tastes into a unisex makeup line with MAC, which released collections in 2015 and 2016.

“The gender lines are starting to blur again, which is really, really great,” he told W Magazine in 2016. “People are starting to be more celebrated for their creativity. And I really think that once you leave high school, you realize that being normal is something that people want to shy away from, and the more true you are to yourself and the more individual you are, the more people are inherently attracted to you.”

But his glittering life had its bumps. In 2016 he was arrested for skipping out on a cab fare in Greenwich, Connecticut, and was charged with larceny, interfering with arrest, and drug possession as narcotics were found in his wallet at the scene. 

His parents told the Times that he was hoping to enter a drug rehabilitation center this year and was planning on taking on a larger creative role in Interview.

“Harry was not just our son,” the family said in a statement. “He was also a wonderful brother, loving grandson, favorite uncle and a caring friend. He was a creative, loving and powerful soul that brought light into so many people’s hearts. He was truly a beautiful person inside and out.”

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