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Grimes Showed Off The “Alien Scars” That She Tattooed On Her Back

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Grimes has been busy on earth preparing herself for her new home on Mars. While I hope that includes making sure the canned goods and freeze-dried foods they’ll need to bring for her family’s Maritain pantry are in order (lord knows her partner Elon Musk can’t be bothered with such petty biological imperatives), she also spent some time preparing her body for entry. Perhaps in a misguided attempt to blend in with the native population on Mars, Grimes got a full back tattoo of “alien scars,” all done in white ink. I can’t help but feel sorry for her because she’s gonna feel hella stupid when she gets up there and Mars is crawling with a bunch of basic bitches who worship the Starbucks mermaid as their God and excrete acid from their pores if they don’t get their daily Pumpkin Spice.

Here’s Grimes’ new body art, which, honestly, my cat could do better.

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According to Healthline, Grimes has every right to complain about the pain. White ink tattoos tend to be more painful, if less indelible.

White ink tattoos use white ink rather than traditional black ink to create the design of the tattoo. These delicate tattoos are considered the more subtle choice.

But are white ink tattoos all they’re cracked up to be?

“White ink tattoos look great the day of, because fresh ink always looks good,” Farris explains. “But no one is posting photos of their 4- or 5-year-old white tattoos on Pinterest or Instagram.”

Not only do white ink tattoos fade faster than black ink tattoos, but their look can change dramatically as they do.

“What happens is, as a full white ink tattoo fades, it slowly fades to different shades that aren’t the same tone all the way through,” explains Farris.

White ink tattoos may sometimes require more saturation for the color to show through, especially on darker skin. In these cases, the tattoo artists may require deeper or repeated needling to make the tattoo “stick,” which can also be more painful.

Basically, this is going to look like a mess in a few years’ time but then again, look at it now. But I’m your basic Earthbound philistine. I don’t “get” it. So here’s the artist, Nusi Quero, in his own words to explain it to me like I’m stupid (I am stupid).

Hmm, I see what he’s saying but also bukkake? No? Ok, I’ll mind my own business. I know when I’m in over my head. Grimes, not so much.

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