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Gen Z And Justin Bieber Have Helped Crocs’ Stock More Than Double

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Well Gen Z has finally found a way to make me side with the Boomers on something, CBC reports that Crocs have made a comeback. The hideous foam shoe which I accept on people in high-stress fields where they walk around a lot and spend time on their feet but almost no one else, has seen a surge in popularity during the pandemic and stock prices have more than doubled. Screw Bitcoin and NFTs, time to invest in Crocs!

CEO of Crocs Inc., Andrew Rees, says that big-name collaborations with celebrities are behind the huge surge in Crocs growth. Since the beginning of 2020, the stock value of the company has more than doubled and it seems to just keep getting better: via CNN:

“Some [of our collaborations] are designed to attract new customers and to be able to market to them in the future. Some of them are designed to be kind of interesting and buzzworthy. In 2021, we will do more international collaborations.”

So we can blame people like Justin Bieber who has a custom line of Crocs, and Questlove who chose to wear gold Crocs to the Oscars. Here are some Croc collabs with the likes of KFC, Bad Bunny and Post Malone:

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TikTokers have jumped on the trend and now show off their “collections and customizations.” Now I see how dumb my parents thought I was when I collected Pogs as a kid.

Vincenzo Ravina who founded the blog, I Hate Crocs, says that he’s not shocked Crocs have come back to haunt him as fashion is cyclical and the pandemic brought the slob out in all of us:

“It is astonishing to me that Crocs have come around again, that suddenly they’re relevant. It’s very strange, but I suppose it shouldn’t be because trends tend to be cyclical… If it’s like a pandemic fashion, then that makes perfect sense because… obviously most of us haven’t worn real pants in a year. So if you’re not wearing real shoes, fair enough.”

There are a lot of TikTok trends I don’t participate in because they’re hazardous to my health, so I’ll just add Crocs to that list. I’m with Victoria Beckham on this one: Death before Crocs.

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