Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland Starts A Podcast In Prison

Let’s just start with it’s called Dumpster Fyre. You’re not alone if your eyes are basically rolling into the back of your head.

Ever the schemer, Billy McFarland is embarking on a new project while serving a six year sentence in Ohio’s Elkton Federal Correctional Facility for his fraudster role in Fyre Festival, the Bahamian nightmare many Instagram models and rich kids are still talking about in therapy.

Apparently, though there was an insane amount of media coverage surrounding the disaster, plus a Netflix movie, and a Hulu movie, Billy still thinks there’s some light to be shed on what went down. The first episode, which is out now, is pretty fucking boring, and is much more of a bizarrely delivered mission statement than an actual episode. Billy explains how he’ll be reflecting throughout the episodes to come. Side bar: all of this is going down over the phone, and like, I thought people in prison had a pretty strict phone time limit. Like, has Hollywood been misleading us all these years or has he worked out a special deal where he can just chat away all day? 

Anyhoo, between attempts at appearing genuine in admitting the ways in which he wrongly handled the Fyre Festival situation, he mentions that he owns 50% of the podcast, and thus 50% of the Dumpster Fyre profits will go towards restitution for those effected by the festival.  Which we’ve got to say is a pretty nice touch in this portrait of a new man he’s trying to paint. I mean, God knows he’s still about a marketing moment. Just check out his new Instagram, managed by his team..

Do you think Billy’s turned a new leaf?

I think the below answers that pretty well. I mean, what a redemption story!

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